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Ways of Working

We uplift your space, through our experience and commitment to excellence. How we care for our environment reflects how we care for ourselves. We aim to create environments which offer the most true and powerful reflection of you


We offer three different ways of working together, based on your time, budget, and desire to have us lead, to share the lead, or to be coached as you lead:


We lead and guide your project.

We consult, coordinate, and work with architects, contractors, structural engineers, product vendors, fabricators, and artisans.

Best for those who:

  • want experienced talent
  • want complete project management
  • prefer experts to supervise all details of conceptual design through installation

The hourly consult

You lead your project, we shepherd.

We offer advice and direction in formulating budgets, priorities to consider, and how to best use your resources.

Best for those who:

  • are stuck or overwhelmed by a home renovation or DIY project
  • are new to working with a designer and want a small taste before committing
  • prefer working a la carte
  • are limited on budget

The Hybrid

We co-lead your project, according to task.

This is a combination of Full-Service Interior Design and Hourly Consult.

Best for those who:

  • need a pro to handle specific areas of a renovation project
  • need to work with their budget and priorities in phases
  • prefer to do the research and homework themselves
  • enjoy sharing the work with the designer

Each project, relationship, result, and financial agreement is unique.

In our first meeting, we discuss where and how you want to utilize our services. From there, we offer a Proposal, which describes our Scope of Work and Terms of Payment. Once a Letter of Agreement is signed, we get to work!

Depending on the Scope of Work and budget, each Way of Working may include the following services:

  • Comprehensive intake including your aesthetic interests, behavior, and psychology
  • Our unique Visceral Visuals discovery process
  • Creating a clear direction and perspective for you, prior to construction or purchases
  • Comprehensive drawings and/or sketches and documents of existing conditions and of proposed designs
  • Space planning including floor, ceiling, and wall plans; furnishing and lighting placement
  • Color schemes including paint, textiles, hard surface materials, and light
  • Flooring, tile, hard surface selections, and design
  • Window and wall treatments
  • Furnishing and textile selections
  • Lighting selections
  • Curating your furnishings and decor
  • Art selections and placement, as well as placement of existing art
  • Outdoor living spaces in conjunction with your landscape designer and/or architect