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Ways of Working

Each project relationship, result, and financial agreement is unique. Our first meeting is all about setting this tone and seeing where and how you want to utilize my services. From that initial meeting, I offer a Proposal to describe Scope of Work with Terms of Payment, we come to a Letter of Agreement, and then we get to work: #beauty #intelligence #joy!

Hourly Consult

I describe hourly consult as shepherding.

- For you who are in the depths of your design process and can’t see the forest from the trees anymore.

- For you who are limited on budget.

- For you who are new to working with an interior designer and want a small taste before committing to a larger project.

- Or if you just prefer working a la carte.

Hourly consults are service specific, with less time and attention on new purchases or coordination with third party professionals or vendors. I steer you to make your best selections and purchases, and direct you on where to put your resources.

I give you:

  • Advice and direction on projects before beginning, aid in formulating a budget, the priorities to consider, and a direction for implementation.
  • Advice and direction on projects in progress before going into construction, to create a clear perspective before purchasing.
  • Advice and direction on editing your possessions, space planning, and color consultation in a new abode.
  • Advice and direction within your established home. We all get into habits and patterns of how we relate to and see our environment. A fresh, professional eye and ear into how you behave, relate to, and enjoy your current home can completely refresh the way you live.

Full Service Interior Design

This is for the client who would like experienced talent and project management, from conceptual design through to installation.

  • Kitchen and Bath Remodels
  • Upgrades of Existing Spaces
  • Space Conversions
  • Building a New Home
  • Moving into a New Home
  • Coordinating and working with Architects, Contractors, Structural Engineers, Product Vendors, Makers and Artisans

The Hybrid

For many clients, this works best, as a way to layer your budget and priorities.

It depends on the amount of homework you want to do on your own, how much you need me to take off your plate, and to what you are willing to allocate funds.

It is a combination of hourly consult and full service interior design.

Each of the above may include some or all of the following services:

Comprehensive or brief drawings and documents of existing conditions; comprehensive or brief drawings and documents of proposed designs (scope of work and budget will determine the level of documentation)

  • Space planning including floor, ceiling and wall plans; furniture and lighting placement
  • Color schemes including paint, fabrics, hard surface materials and light
  • Window and wall treatments
  • Furniture and fabric selections
  • Lighting selections
  • Flooring, tile, hard surface selections and design
  • Art selections and placement, as well as placement of existing art
  • Outdoor living rooms in conjunction with your landscape artist/architect