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Boho Chic

When I came to this house, it was a plywood box. Basic room layouts had been drawn, but there was no window or door placement, nor any attention to the staircase design, kitchen or bathrooms. It needed a complete A to Z design, including the final staging for selling it. As my first construction project, I give a huge thank you to my neighborhood realtor and mentor on the house, Brian Fitzburgh of Broker’s Trust. And of course, to clients Julie and Chip, who trusted me to truly upscale their real estate investment — it sold for well over asking! One of my first projects, at the start of Melissa Kite Designs.

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A Home of Her Own

West Hollywood Hacienda has touches of redesign & decoration throughout the interiors and outdoor dining room. Custom luxury and fun for the woman of the house!

Interior Design

We are Family

A mid-century abode in Encino, housing a family of creatives. Collaboration with Hilla Bitton. Master suite redesign; interior and exterior remodel. Cool digs!

Interior Design
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