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Clean & Chic x 2

After a major kitchen renovation with Office42 Architecture, clients Jim and Andrew returned for more. This time, Office42 brought me to the team to cater to the more intimate needs of their clients - creating a large master bath from two smaller ineffectual ones and bumping up the cool kid quality of their guest bathroom to really maximize its use and JOY of use, in the small space bath. In both bathrooms, custom vanities were the key to best use of space and best reflection of the people using the space. 

I have now worked on many projects with Office42 and it just gets better and better. This project set the tone for true respect in collaboration, between architect, designer, client and contractor. A lot of trust was involved on all sides, and I LOVE the result. 

One friend suggested, if steam punk and Zen had a baby…. clean design, my friends, clean design.

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